iTunes Could Not Backup The iPhone Because The Backup Session Failed : How To Fix?

Are you searching the fix for iTunes could not back up the iPhone because the backup session failed? The iOS version is released Periodically to all the Apple Products, and many of the previous bugs are fixed when the new Version is Released. Most apple users use iTunes For backup for their iPhones.

We can create a full backup of our apple Devices by simply clicking on “Back Up Now. “This might seems to be a good feature, but users often face this problem “iTunes could not backup the iPhone because the backup session failed. “Apple didn’t take any steps to resolve these issues through its updates. This happens when you backup an iPhone or restore the iPhone from iTunes backup. 

Why is the backup session failing while backup?

This is a common problem faced by a lot of people who are using iOS. 

It occurs when there is an incompatibility of the old backup or glitches and errors in the System. Or maybe there is incapability between the present IOS and the old backups. 

Before you try any of the following methods, Check your cable and ports are in good condition because this may also cause the problem. The most important thing is to check whether your Disk has enough space.

If you’re the person who always backs up your iPhone via iTunes, you may suffer from this problem sometimes. But surprisingly, iTunes couldn’t back up the iPhone may not refer to an atypical situation; if you come across this trouble, do not panic! Follow us as in this post; we offer some simple tips to fix iTunes that won’t backup iPhone/iPad or think about why iTunes couldn’t back up my iPhone.

How to Fix iTunes Backup Session Failed? 

This article tells you many solutions to this issue, like updating iTunes and the computer system, checking if space on the hard drive is enough for backing up your device. 

FIX 1: Update or Reinstall iTunes

When the iTunes client on a Pc or MAC is out of date so, iTunes may not be able to detect the components and architecture of the phone; It may lead to iTunes backup sessions failing.

  • If you downloaded iTunes from Apple’s Website, You could Update through open iTunes > click Help in the toolbar > select Check for Updates.
  • If you have downloaded iTunes from the Microsoft store, Then click Downloads and updates to check the version in it.

fix iTunes could not back up the iPhone because the backup session failed

FIX 2: Reset the Lockdown folder

Most of the issues about iTunes are caused by incompatibility and not following their privacy Policy. We can reset the lockdown folder to solve the privacy issues. This Lockdown folder saves the Certificate from our device to let iTunes read your iPhone. After resetting the iTunes, the lockdown folder would make it connect again.

  • Quit iTunes and Disconnect it from the computer
  • Find the iTunes lockdown folder at C:\ProgramData\Apple\Lockdown. This Folder is hidden by the System. Change the settings to view it 
  • Delete Everything in this Folder
  • Launch iTunes and connect it from first and tap “TRUST” on it
  • Now try Again. It might now work for you!

FIX 3: Clear Old Backup

Your old backup in the System can be the reason for your backup session failure because iTunes may refer to the data in those backups, whether it is encrypted or not. Sometimes iTunes may think that its security policy is being violated. So delete it or move somewhere else.

You can find this Backup in this Folder in the following path: 


Note: If you have downloaded it from windows, then it will be here

C:\Users\UserName]\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

Note: If you have downloaded it from Apple’s Site, then it will be here

Mac OS X : ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/MobileSync/Backup/

FIX 4: Disable the Antivirus Software

While reading through the Apple Community form, many users have reported the issue of Malwarebytes blocking iTunes and causing this problem. Therefore if you face this error, disable the Antivirus on your computer until you finish Backup. 

FIX 5: Use Third-Party Software

The use of third-party software can be a solution if your issue is not fixed by the previous Methods. You can use another iOS backup tool-TenorshareicareFone which is a beautiful tool that can make your backup quite Easy. 

You Can Download it from; it is also available for both Mac and Windows. 

FIX 6: Fix iTunes with Repair Tool

You can also try to repair your iTunes with a Repair tool. You Can use ANYFIX to repair iTunes. It is one of the top iTunes repair tools which can fox 200 plus iTunes errors, including this Problem. Besides this problem, it can also solve the can’t download/install/update iTunes, connection/restore errors, sync/CDB errors, etc. 

 You can Download Anyfix here –

fix iTunes could not back up the iPhone because the backup session failed

FIX 7: Use iTunes Alternative to Back Up

We can use the iTunes alternative to help back up the iPhone using Anytrans, which is a powerful software. With anytrans, we can back up without any data loss and will not suffer from iTunes Backup Session failed problems. 

Besides this, it can Also Perform The Following Features:

  • Transferring Data from iPad to Mac to iPhone and vice versa.
  • We can Backup our data Wirelessly.
  • We can also transfer data from the old iPhone to the new android phone and vice versa.
  • We can also perform Cloud Management with this tool.


Many Apple Users want apple To solve this problem, but they didn’t solve this till now. This “iTunes could not backup the iPhone because the backup session failed” Problem can be solved with any of the Fixes that are mentioned above. Sometimes this fix will work; it depends on the architecture and software only.

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