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Remember when people used to pluck flower petals to check if someone loves them or not. But now we don’t have to do that to check if our crush has crush on us or not. You can also check the person you love is a perfect match for you or doing just timepass in Love Tester. This is a lighthearted and enjoyable way where you input your name and the name of your crush to find out all about your compatibility.

Remember: Don’t take it seriously remember it is just a game.

Love Tester Unblocked

What is Love Tester Game?

Love Tester Unblocked is an online game created by agames that checks how well you match with your crush. Enter your name and your crush’s name and choose the gender. You should always remember the final result are not what you might want. Its algorithm will calculate a percentage to show the potential for genuine love. Whether you have a crush within your circle of friends or someone from your school, college, office or from any other part of your life, you can check your compatibility with him/her. Love Tester will tell you all about your romantic life with that special person. You can put different spellings and nicknames for different results. If the percentage is high, then you should also explore the possibility in real life. At least you can take the chance.But don’t disappoint if the score is low as it just a game.

How to Play Love Tester Game Unblocked

The game used to be blocked on many school and work computers, but there are now unblocked versions available to access and play.

Step 1 – Find an Unblocked Version of the Game Since the regular Love Tester Game site is blocked on many networks, the first step is finding an unblocked version. Search online for phrases like “Love Tester unblocked” or “Love Tester not blocked.” There are several mirror sites and proxy servers to access the game.

Step 2 – Enter Your Name and Your Crush’s Name Once you have found a working unblocked version, you can start playing right away. Enter your name into the first box at the top. Then enter your crush or romantic partner’s name into the second box.

Step 3 – Press the Heart Button to Generate Results After entering both names, a big red heart button will appear between the two name boxes. Press this heart button to have the Love Tester take those two names and generate compatibility results!

Step 4 – View Your Love Rating and Compatibility Details In a few seconds after pressing the heart button for the love test, colorful results will pop up revealing your love rating score with the other person, represented by a percentage.

Step 5 – Retest as Much as You’d Like! If you don’t like your initial results or would like to test compatibility with someone else, you can clear the name boxes and simply enter new names. Test as many romantic matchups as you’d like and see how your percentages compare!

Love Tester Unblocked Features:

  1. Include Multiple Crushes: Input the names of up to three crushes to explore various compatibility scenarios.
  2. Select Crush Gender: Customize the analysis further by specifying the gender of each crush, providing more personalized insights.
  3. Run Comprehensive Analysis: Initiate the love calculator to delve deeper into the dynamics between you and your crushes, offering a detailed overview of compatibility.
  4. Shareable Results: Share the intriguing results with your friends, sparking conversations and comparisons about the compatibility findings for a playful and enjoyable experience.

Tips and Trick to master Love Tester Unblocked:

  • Pay close attention to the details when inputting names. The more accurate, the better the results.
  • Spice things up by experimenting with different combinations of names. You may get surprised by the outcomes.
  • You can also make Love Tester Unblocked a group activity by playing with friends, comparing results, and more.
  • If available, explore additional features in certain versions of Love Tester Unblocked.

More Info on Love Tester

Release Date:

  • February 2017


  • HTML5


  • Web browser (compatible with both desktop and mobile)

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How Safe is Love Tester Unblocked?

Love Tester Unblocked is generally safe to play. But sometimes you might need a VPN.

What are Some Top Alternatives to Love Tester?

Alongside Love Tester Unblocked, popular alternatives include Compatibility Tester, Love Calculator, Matchmaking Master, and Soulmate Selector.

Can You Play Love Tester Unblocked Offline?

No, Love Tester Unblocked typically requires an internet connection to function. Offline play may not provide the same interactive experience as online gameplay.

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