Slope 3 Unblocked – How to play tips

Slope 3 is inspired from Slope 1 and Slope 2  of popular Slope franchise created by RobKay and when you play it unblocked you will not find much difference among all three.Like its predecessors, Slope 3 sends players rocketing down procedurally generated slopes, dodging obstacles and making death-defying jumps.

The aim is to go as far as possible before crashing. Players control a colorful ball or cube type structure and must quickly react to gaps, loops, ramps and barriers that appear from the endless mountain. With one-touch controls, Slope 3 is easy to pick up but extremely difficult to master.

How to Play Slope 3

Below are some general tips you can read to improve your slope 3 gameplay:

  • Tap left or right to subtly steer your character.
  • Avoid obstacles like spikes, saws and electrical beams.
  • Jump over gaps and holes by tapping the screen.
  • Perform stunts like flips for bonus points.
  • Collect coins and gems scattered along the slope.
  • Upgrade your character between runs.
  • Go as far as you can before crashing!
slope 3 Unblocked

Slope 3 Unblocked – Different methods

  • Use a web proxy – Web proxies act as an intermediary to access blocked sites. Popular free proxies include Hidester, Proxempire, and Froxy etc. Simply enter the Slope 3 URL on the proxy site to bypass restrictions.
  • Install a VPN – A VPN (virtual private network) masks your IP address and encrypts traffic. You can route your connection through a server in an unrestricted location to access Slope 3. Some good free VPNs are ProtonVPN, TunnelBear, and Windscribe.
  • Try a Slope 3 mirror site – Since Slope 3 is a popular Flash game, there are often “mirror” sites hosting the exact same game files under a different URL. Search for “Slope 3 mirror” or “Slope 3 unblocked” to find working alternatives. e.g. or
  • Use a restricted browser at school/work – Some browsers like Tor or Ultrasurf are designed to bypass filters. Try installing one on a computer to play blocked games without detection.
  • Request the site be unblocked – You can ask your network admin or IT department to remove restrictions on the Slope 3 site if it’s blocked. They may do so if the site is deemed safe and inoffensive.
  • Play the iOS/Android app – Slope 3 is available as a free app for mobile devices, which are not restricted by school/work networks. This allows access anytime.

Why Slope 3 blocked on some networks

  • Entertainment/games blocked – Schools, workplaces, etc. often block access to entertainment sites and games to prevent students or employees from being distracted or slacking off. Slope 3 falls into this “fun but not educational” category.
  • Addictive nature – Administrators may block Slope 3 due to concerns over its addictive gameplay. The constant drive to set new high scores can be hard to stop playing.
  • Bandwidth usage – Slope 3 is an online Flash game that streams gameplay data. Networks may block it to conserve bandwidth for more academic/professional sites.
  • Not deemed educational – Slope 3 is purely an action game, without educational content. Generally schools allow games that teach academic skills in areas like math, science, etc.
  • Encourages procrastination – The “one more try” nature of Slope 3 makes it easy to waste time playing instead of working. Networks block it to discourage procrastination.
  • Filter evasion – Slope 3 mirror and unblocked sites are specifically designed to bypass filters. Networks block these to prevent evading restrictions.
  • Can’t be monitored – Admins may be unable to view Slope 3 gameplay or chat. Lack of monitoring leads to blanket blocks.

More Games Like Slope 3

If you love Slope 3, check out these other thrilling downhill racers:

  • Slope 2: The hit sequel that started it all.
  • Ball Jump: Roll and jump down a procedurally generated mountain.
  • Super Stack: Stack your character as high as possible while sliding down an endless slope.
  • Downhill Rush: Dodge oncoming traffic and pull off tricks while longboarding down a hill.
  • Mountain Dash: Scenic graphics and online multiplayer racing down beautiful mountains.


Can I play Slope 3 offline?

Unfortunately no, it requires an internet connection as a multiplayer Flash game.

Does Slope 3 cost money?

No, Slope 3 is completely free to play online and on mobile. There are no in-app purchases.

Is Slope 3 playable on PC?

Yes, Slope 3 works on browsers for Windows and Mac. No download required.

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