Why does rtt randomly turn on android and iphone

You may have suddenly noticed a new “RTT” icon appear at the top of your Android phone or seen RTT settings on your iPhone. But what does RTT stand for and why is it on your device? RTT stands for “real-time text” and is a newer accessibility feature for text communications. While useful for some, RTT can also turn on randomly and cause issues.

Lets find out what RTT is, how to check for it on Android and iPhone, disable it if needed, prevent random activation, and troubleshoot problems it can cause. With a bit of management, you can take control over erratic RTT behavior.

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why RTT turn on Android iphone

What is RTT and Why is its use on my Phone?

RTT stands for “real-time text” and is a communication function designed for deaf, hard of hearing, and speech-impaired users. It allows typed text to be sent and received immediately, without waiting to hit “send”. This enables more natural, back-and-forth text conversations.

RTT works via a data connection and is built into modern smartphone software. However, it can turn on by itself even if you didn’t activate it. Check your phone’s settings to see if RTT is enabled and disable it if not needed.

How to Check for RTT on Your Android Device

To check for RTT on Android:

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility
  2. Select Downloaded Services
  3. Look for any apps labeled RTT Enabled and toggle them off if unnecessary

Also look at the top of your screen for a “RTT” icon next to the WiFi and cellular status indicators. This means RTT is active.

Why Does RTT Randomly Turn On for Android Users?

There are a few reasons why Android phones end up with RTT mysteriously enabled:

  • Buggy app updates that activate RTT without consent
  • Restoring app data from old backups that had RTT turned on
  • System glitches that flip the RTT switch on during setup
  • Unintentional activation through accessibility gestures

If you notice RTT randomly appearing, these types of technical quirks are likely the cause.

How to Turn Off RTT on Your Android Phone

  1. Open Settings and go to Accessibility > Downloaded Services
  2. Locate and disable any apps listed as RTT enabled
  3. Toggle off the RTT Visibility setting
  4. Check top of screen to confirm RTT icon is gone

This will fully disable RTT functions until you manually turn it on again.

How to Turn Off RTT on iPhone

To disable RTT on an iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility
  2. Select Subtitles & Captioning
  3. Turn off the Real Time Text switch

RTT will now be disabled on your iPhone. Repeat steps if it ever turns itself on again.

Preventing RTT From Randomly Activating

To help prevent RTT from mysteriously enabling itself again:

  • Be cautious installing apps that request accessibility privileges
  • Carefully review permissions when updating apps
  • Avoid using accessibility gestures you don’t need
  • Double check RTT is off after major iOS/Android updates

Proactively managing app permissions and updates can reduce the chance of RTT turning itself on unintentionally.

Issues Caused by RTT Function on Android

Erratic RTT behavior can cause the following problems:

  • Rapid battery drain from data usage in the background
  • Perplexing RTT icon occupying top status bar
  • Accidental activation of voice readings of screen text
  • Disabling RTT needed apps when turning the setting off
  • General distraction and annoyance from unexpected feature


While RTT provides helpful real-time text capabilities for some, random activations can be troublesome. Use the instructions in this beginner’s guide to take control over RTT on your Android or iPhone. Stay proactive managing permissions to prevent frustrating tech surprises.

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Is RTT the same as TTY?

No, RTT is newer technology than TTY for real-time text messaging.

Is RTT necessary for accessibility?

For some users, yes. But many activating randomly don’t require it.

Does RTT use data?

Yes, RTT requires a cellular data or WiFi connection to send immediate texts.

Can RTT be hacked?

There are no major known RTT security vulnerabilities. The bigger risk is it turning on randomly.

Does RTT affect Android battery life?

Yes, frequent RTT data usage in the background can significantly drain battery.

Can I disable RTT on certain apps only?

Yes, you can toggle RTT enabled apps individually in Accessibility settings.

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