What is Now.gg? Is Now.gg safe & trusted platform in 2023

Hey guys, do you love to play games? But your device’s storage is almost full, and you are unable to play games. So here is a solution to your problem, because now.gg provides a gaming platform where you can play games instantly on smart phones (iOS & Android), PCs, Macs and Chromebooks without installing it, so there is no need for space to download, no time limit, free of cost, easy to play, and many, many more features this platform has. On this platform, so many games are available to play, like card games, browser games, adventure games, solo games, and many more, and you can choose which is suitable for you. Their ever-expanding library features new titles added daily to satisfy every gamer’s cravings. So are you ready to play free online games on Now.gg? If yes, then go for now.gg

What is Now.gg ?

Now.gg is one of the largest cloud gaming platform launched in year 2021. It is the boon for online gamers as it provides free online games with exquisite graphics. It has a large variety of games. Build Royale, Zombie hunter survival, Fantasy madness, flipping guns, Magical Witch Merge are some of the interesting games available on this platform. Now.gg uses web technologies like HTML5 and WebGL to deliver high-quality games with smooth performance right in the browser. Games are listed under different categories such as action games, strategy games, puzzle games, adventure games and many more. Its headquarters are situated in California, USA. But it expands its centers all over the world, including India, Japan, Korea and US.

Is Now.gg safe

Is Now.gg Safe to play games?

It is very safe to use now.gg. It has a privacy policy. Users must read it carefully. It is necessary to read the policies to ensure his or her safety. Now.gg strictly follows its privacy policies so that players can relish it without any stress. In addition to this, while players are playing online games on it, there is no background file running as it does not actually download the games. These features ensure the player’s trust in it. Online rating plays a vital role these days, and according to the ratings of now.gg, it is a highly trustworthy online gaming platform.

How does now.gg work ?

The game is served on an online portal. The user can enjoy the online games on their own devices. There is no need to download the game before playing. But one must have a good and stable internet connection to enjoy the games available on it. It saves users progress automatically.

Now.gg features

It has some amazing features, which make it a perfect online platform for games:

  • No Storage required – if the gamer does not have enough storage space to download the games, then this is the best platform for such gamers, there is no need to download the games so one can surf them.online.
  • Saves your progrees – This platform saves progress automatically in the user’s Google account through which he or she logged in.
  • In addition to this, users can enjoy games with no time restriction.
  • Some games are available free of charge. Users can simply play it on one tap.
  • The games that do not freely exist can be easily bought digitally wallet or crypto currency.
  • As games are categorized under different categories, it becomes easy to for the gamer to choose the games according to his or her interest.

These are some of the features of now.gg that make it user-friendly.

Is Now.gg Legit?

Yes, now.gg is legit. As mentioned above, it is safe to play and strictly follows the policies, which guarantees that it is surely legit. Also, there is no threat of a virus, as it does not download any unwanted files in the background. There is no need to grant any special permission to the device.


To conclude it all, I just want to say that it is a great platform for gamers to enjoy online games for free. Besides this, we can surf it on any device, whether it is a PC or a mobile phone, at any time and at any place. The only condition is that the device on which the gamers are using must have a good and stable internet connection. As a safety measure, it provides a privacy policy. It has good ratings on online platforms, which makes it more reliable.


Q: What devices can I use Now.gg on?

Now.gg works on smartphones, PCs, Macs and Chromebooks – any device with a modern web browser.

Do I need to create an account on Now.gg?

No, you can instantly start playing games without registering an account.

Is Now.gg safe to use?

Now.gg appears relatively safe, but users should still exercise caution as with any website.

How much does Now.gg cost?

Now.gg is completely free to use, with monetization through occasional video ads.

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